Common Bathroom Plumbing FAQs

People in the plumbing industry are often too busy to take the time to explain and educate their customers. This is now a fact of life where you’re not making much of a living unless you’re too busy to even breathe. There’s a couple of ways to get the word out in print and on the Internet that can take a small investment in time but pay off pretty well in the future. A simple FAQ sheet can help to inform customers and even make them feel smart when they’re finished reading. Before we get into this, we recommend checking out bath resurfacing as an option rather than inspecting and fixing your bath tubs.

Here are a few of my favorite bathroom plumbing FAQs that came directly from real questions that are frequently asked:

Q. What Can I Do About My Running Toilet?

A. The ever running toilet problem, this one is usually an inexpensive but frustrating fix. Fixing it can sometimes be ridiculously easy. Quite often, the chain needs a little adjusting to allow a proper seal when the stopper goes down. The flushing handle may be coming loose and may require some adjustment or just a little jiggle.

Q. My Toilet Is Leaking, What’s Up With That?

A. First off, the complexity of the repair is determined by where the toilet leak originates. If there is a tank attached to the toilet and the leak comes from the tank itself, the fittings may need to be tightened or adjusted. If the leak is coming from the tube or pipe that transfers water to the tank, it might need to be adjusted or replaced. If you are handy, this may be a simple job; if you are not, it may be like brain surgery blindfolded.

Q. My Wife Is Always Clogging The Drain, What Should I Do?

A. This is one of the most frequently asked questions around plumbing repair. Bathroom sinks are usually clogged by hair combined with shaving cream or soaps. However, the cause may actually be elsewhere; for example shower drain or toilet. A severely clogged pipe can cause water to back up into the other pipes nearby. Start with the over-the-counter stuff for example, liquid drain cleaners (do not use them in the toilet) and move on to more professional help if the problem persists. By the way, apologise to your bride because we know you did it.

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