More Kitchens Plumbing Facts

Kitchen plumbing concerns what is fact or fiction? So, you don’t know what is fact or fiction when it comes to kitchen plumbing concerns. Take a minute to read on and learn the truth about blocked drains and other plumbing problems. Hopefully, you will find my advice helpful in protecting your home.

Myth     It is perfectly safe to use drain products that are commonly sold in store to maintain and unclog your kitchen drains (or any drain in your home) because they are not harmful to your pipes.

Fact      The facts are that Drano and other products are harmful to your pipes. Why? Because these products are made with acid type chemicals that eat away at the interior of your pipes, and this makes them brittle and can sometimes eat a hole in your pipes. If your pipes crack and break this can cause unsanitary conditions for you and your family, not to mention the cost of repair, the facts are these products can cause more harm than good.

Myth     Picking up that one hair in the drain will not prevent a clogged drain, or will it?

Fact     The truth of the matter is that one hair will actually work to slow down and clog your drain. So in order to keep the plumbers away pick up every single hair. You may not have much trouble with hair in your kitchen sink, but this applies to other things as well such as foods. Keep every bit of debris clear of the sink drain and save yourself time and money.

Myth    Plungers do not work, or do they?

Fact   Many plumbers recommend that you keep a plunger handy, not only for your toilet, but your sink as well. Sometimes, a child or someone else can let something go down the drain and a plunger will work to dislodge it. This will save you money on the plumber!  However, I do not advise using the same plunger for the kitchen sink that you would use in your toilet. You should keep one that you bought just for the kitchen in the kitchen only!

Keep these tips in mind and save yourself money and possible home damage.

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