Choosing Accessories To Match The Theme Of The Bathroom

Most homes have unappealing bathrooms. A lot of people consider them to be unimportant spaces in the home and hence fail to spare much thought to their look and decoration. However, well-decorated bathrooms can look appealing and can break the monotony associated with them. They can be decorated in a number of creative ways. A good imagination and usage of the appropriate accessories can transform the look of the bathroom. The following steps may be taken in this regard:

Deciding the theme

Just like the other spaces in a home, it is important to decide on a theme for the bathroom. Themed bathrooms can enliven the dull space and make it look appealing. The theme can be a reflection of the personality of the homeowner. The various types of available bathroom accessories can change the overall look of the bathroom and can make it look appealing. Homeowners can explore numerous options and make the theme creative and playful. The most popular themes include Dollhouse theme, Pirate theme, Tropical, European and Country theme.

Colour scheme

The next step involves deciding the colour scheme for the bathroom. Colours which suit the overall theme of the bathroom may be chosen. The appropriate colours can enhance the beauty and appeal of the bathroom. Dark and overpowering colours may make the bathroom look cluttered and small. It is hence important to choose the colours carefully. For smaller bathrooms, it is advisable to opt for light and neutral colours. Accent colours may be used for the panels and railings. It is also advisable to place only a limited number of accessories in a small bathroom as too many of them may make the bathroom look cluttered.


Lighting is important in order to enhance the appeal of the bathroom. It is however important to consider the safety aspect while choosing lights and other electrical fittings. Lamps may be placed on wide sinks or cabinets. Lighting may also effectively be used to create a space illusion. Warm toned lights can go a long way in enhancing the features of the bathroom. A mirror placed in the bathroom may also make the bathroom look bigger.

Other accessories

There are numerous other types of accessories such as frameless shower screens, that may be placed in the bathroom. These include fixings like holders and towel racks. Incense and scented candles may also be added to make the bathroom a relaxing and comfortable space. There are a number of decorating magazines and books available which may provide new and creative ideas for placing accessories in the bathroom. These can give an idea about the latest styles. A suitable style may be chosen to suit the theme and size of the bathroom. While choosing bathroom accessories, it is important to ensure balance. In order to make the bathroom look bigger and appealing, it is essential that the size of the accessories matches the bathroom’s size.

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