The Key Questions To Ask About Slate Roofing

Are you looking to get slate tiles for your home? If you are – well done! They are the best tiles on the market. Made of the highest-quality, they can offer you an array of benefits that will blow your mind. That is why you have to pay an arm and a leg to get them installed in your room. But before you go through the whole process of finding a roofing contractor, negotiating with them and then getting them to install slate tiles, there are a few more key questions you should be asking:

What styles and designs do you have in store?

There are many different types of slate tile designs and styles. Finding the one that is going to make the difference for your home is going to be a struggle, but a necessary one to ensure that your home looks great for decades to come.

How long is the roof going to last me?

You want to know that you’re paying for quality – and with most slate roofing tiles, you are – but that doesn’t mean there are not different types of roofing tiles. Ask to see what you are paying for, and how long that slate roofing tile is going to last you.

What is the installation process like?

Getting a firm lowdown on how the roofing expert is going to manage your slate roof installation process is going give you clarity on how they’ll work. That is why you should be asking them how they plan to install your slate roof, how the process is like and what is required from you. Asking them about a timeframe too will help you.

How often do you need repairs?

This is one of the big ones, as you want to know that when it comes to repairs and restorations that you won’t be calling in the roofing expert every week. Having a firm idea on how often you’ll be requiring repairs or restorations for your slate roof is going to be very useful.

What is the cost for everything?

Paying for your slate tiles is one thing; paying for the installation process is another. But as you slowly add them up, it comes out to be a bit of money. So when you are speaking to a professional in slate roofing, make sure that you ask them what the whole thing is going to cost you.

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